We are clowns within the circus that is the art world, performing our tricks and treats. Performing for the public, performing for our ring master, performing for anyone that will watch. Sometimes humorous, anecdotes are not jokes, because their primary purpose is not simply to evoke laughter, but to reveal a truth more general than the brief tale itself, or to delineate a character trait in such a light that it strikes in a flash of insight to its very essence.

Artists have a long held tradition of representing themselves within art as clowns, seeing their roles in society as comparable. Perhaps most famous of these was Picasso portraying himself as Harlequin. But there are others who portray themselves as clowns…..

 Such as the Stuckists. We are anti Stuckism. We want to claim back the image of the clown within art back from these ner do wells.

Anecdote initially took place at Frieze Art Fair 2011, in the Frieze Sculpture Park and Regents Park.

An Intervention enacted by Clown One and Clown Two, seeking to spread anecdotes throughout the world. Pleasant stories of wonderment and joy taking place in and around the art world.

But don't touch

Clown One and Clown Two take a rest.

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